Delicate girl image, romantic image Nude

Romantic way can be a delicate image of a girl who always has his interlocutor. And all thanks to the delights of his style and ease not only the clothes and makeup, but also characteristic manners girls.

Delicate girl image, romantic image Nude is externally defenseless style, but the character of each girl gets a twist in it. When choosing this image should not be forgotten coquetry and shyness, serenity and harmony inside.

Here merge all parameters of feminine beauty, which imply a gentle image that looks natural but require little effort on themselves. Specifically, attention is given to the nails, hair, appearance, clothes and figure.

The hardest part - is the figure to change it for the better run around at different rates 3 times a week for 15 minutes. The effect does not take long, and efforts to do so would require minimal.

To improve the condition of nails do baths with sea salt 2 times a week.
Welcome long hair, but it is not the main criterion in the romantic image of Nude. The main thing - it's well-groomed hair, to make this hair mask preferably with natural oils (coconut, burdock, castor).

For a minimum of makeup (powder, blush, perhaps, eyeliner and mascara) requires proper care of your skin. Do maxi, peels, preferably homemade or natural ingredients.

Clothing also requires attention. Have for so romantic image in your wardrobe easy lace dress white chiffon dresses with floral prints and other flirty model. Excellent complement these dresses brown or beige jacket, clutch in tone shoes (ideal if shoes beige).

Accessories dresses are also very important, keep in his classic pearl (different colors), numerous bracelets absolutely dissimilar (thread, chain, string), they will add flavor and variety to the image of the same outfit.

Do not forget about their natural beauty, and by sticking to these simple tips, you can find not only the image of a gentle, but also to create your perfect look - the basis of any other style.

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