How to avoid the appearance of white spots on the nails when removing gel nail?

Gel manicure gained immense popularity among fashionistas. Gel coating varnish lasts a long time, looks better and is stable to almost any substance with which we interact in everyday life. That's why many girls and women have made their choice in favor of a gel manicure.

Yes, the cover gel nail salons worth more than regular nail polish, but you can do it yourself, as gel nail polish buy , apply and dry with a UV lamp is a snap. Removing gel lacquer takes a little longer (than usual), but in this there is no magic. The only thing that when removing part of the coating in the home often appear on the nails white dots that slightly spoils their appearance.
How to avoid the appearance of white spots on the nails when removing gel nail

•White spots may appear on the nails from lack of moisture. Nails should be thoroughly moisturize, make them look good and remain flexible under the applied gel varnish. Then they will be less likely to break and exfoliate, and gel nail polish will keep longer.

•Do not overdo it with acetone when removing gel lacquer. No need to wash them all the finger and nail soak - just slice them thoroughly wet cotton fleece or a ring that you will be putting on the nail. Also, do not be greedy and spend on professional liquid remover gel nail and not do it the usual acetone.

•Do not apply too much basecoat. As the varnish, it is necessary to apply a thin layer and gently to cover only a nail and not even adjacent pin code. If the foundations under the lacquer will be too much longer you have to keep it under a cotton swab with nail gel lacquer, which further dehydrating the nail.

•Moisten the nails with oil, heat it slightly before using - so it is better absorbed and will moisturize your nails much more efficient.

•Polishing of a surface of the nail will also help, but it must be done very carefully so as not to damage its structure. For this fit the softest polishing nail file (or better is very old and worn).

If after removing all remnants of gel varnish your nails are too dry, give them a little break somewhere for a week, so they have recovered. At this time, do not use harsh detergents and other chemistry, at least, wear gloves, since over-dried nails are very fragile.

And do not forget, causing gel polish nails, moisturize them even through the coating. Like conventional varnishes, gel nail polish has a porous structure through which to penetrate the nail all the necessary nutrients and moisture. So your nails will always be strong, healthy and beautiful!

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Caring for the nails properly :Summer tips

Most of us do not want to spend lots of money on trips to salons, so home manicure becomes the choice of many modern women. But if to file and make up nail varnish can each, then to properly care for your nails should learn. Summer nail care rules change slightly, and we will tell you how to care for your nails in the heat, so they always look great.
Terms of nail care in summer

Rule 1: Give up funds to strengthen nails

Or use them cautiously, gradually. Means to strengthen nails can actually do more harm than good. Healthy nails - nails flexible. Therefore, to protect your nails from breakage, instead of reinforcing means they do regular massage with a nourishing moisturizer oil and vitamin E. This is especially true of the summer, when the nails do not have enough moisture.

Rule 2: Avoid nail polish remover containing acetone

This is all the experts recommend - if you have brittle nails, refuse containing acetone nail polish remover. Has repeatedly been proven that these funds make nails more brittle. In addition, studies have shown that women who regularly make manicure salons, much more likely to suffer from brittle nails than those manicured home - this is due to the fact that much more salons use aggressive means.

Rule 3: Avoid orange nail files

When processing a nail file nail them microcracks appear, which make them brittle. Instead, choose a soft nail file, diamond-coated, and never file nails in two directions (back and forth). Work nail file in one direction only, slowly and carefully, then you will be able to minimize the risk that the nails will start to crumble.

Rule 4: Change your shampoo that you use

There is no mistake, it comes just a shampoo that you wash your hair. Many women do not even think that shampoo can make your nails dry and brittle (even if your hair looks great). Many shampoos contain detergent builders (especially shampoos for oily hair or to give hair volume), which was purified from natural hair sebum, so they look more dry and bulky. However, data shampoos dried and nails, depriving them of vital fats that make them strong and flexible. What is the way out of this situation? If you love your shampoo after every hair wash moisturize nails and cuticles to restore their strength and elasticity.

Rule 5: Take biotin

Studies have shown that vitamins and supplements containing biotin, effectively help strengthen your nails, making them thicker, preventing delamination and brittle. And the results from taking biotin visible already after 2-3 weeks!

Rule 6: To keep longer nail, paint your nails properly

Putting on nail polish, brush swipe not only to their ends, but a bit and slide under it. So you like "wrap the" tip of the nail varnish, slightly reduce the risk of breakage and allow yourself to last longer than varnish.

Rule 7: Do not paint your nails before bedtime

To your manicure look good, do not paint your nails before going to bed, as blankets or sheets texture can be imprinted on the surface of the varnish. And we all know how awful it looks. In fact, you need to wait at least a couple of hours after you nakrasili nails, and you wonder how much longer will keep your manicure!

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Charlie Chaplin

The video above is one of  charlie Chaplin silent film, its produced before film technology become more and more intelligent just like today.

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2015 Halloween creative idea

Halloween 2015 will not be festive without costumes and a cast that looks scary. By the way, I mean scary in the imagination, not frightening in appearance.

You might be interested in a role as a doctor who cut off part of your friend's own body. By using bathing suits and gloves as well as a few items in your kitchen as an addition to the feel of your horror on Halloween 2015.

Cut it dude!
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Cool and confident, man hairstyles 2015.

Men with attractive appearance will certainly give confidence, especially if the style is up to date, it is not likely you are usually just a "regular guy" transformed into an amazing star for yourself and the people you meet , then prepare your 2015 style.

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What to consider when choosing sunglasses aka koco tingal cemeng.

Sunglasses can accentuate your beauty like no other accessory. Aside from their obvious utility - protection against cruel UV rays, they can give style and elegance to any image. But, of course, all this is assuming that your glasses are suitable for you. In the modern variety of sunglasses is easy to get lost, so we suggest you when choosing a new pair of glasses, use our tips - they will help to orient and make the right choice.

The size of the face

Choosing a new pair of glasses, you first need to pay attention to their size. It employs a simple rule: the less you face, the more must be miniature sunglasses, and vice versa. Of course, fashion is not always straightforward and sometimes its tendency to advise us to get a couple of really big points. Yes, you can follow this trend, but everything should be in moderation - points you should look at organic and do not close the whole face.

Face shape

Shape of your face is also an important criterion when choosing sunglasses. You need to pick up such glasses that accentuate your good features and shortcomings sroyut. So, on an oval face will look good frame of almost any shape - these people can experiment with any fashion trend. People with a round face fit rims with angulated, including rectangular - they visually lengthen the face. Classical oval frame suitable for a square face shape, and round sunglasses will look good on his thin and long face.

Skin color

Skin color also plays an important role when choosing sunglasses. Pale-skinned people should choose glasses with a thin (not bulky rim) light shades. People more swarthy ideal metal frame (silver or gold), as well as other more saturated shades it. Black frame will fit almost everyone, but choosing the black glasses, make sure they do not look awkward on your face.

Hair Type

Yes, this nuance, we usually do not think, but hairstyle also affects how you will look in your new glasses. So, soft curly hair very well with rimless glasses. If you like the shortened and short haircuts, they are ideal for bright-rimmed glasses in geometric shapes. Completely smooth hair perfectly complement the round glasses. And under carefully collected hair in the style business is better to choose rectangular

Consider that, oin other hand, do you want to be like this?

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Nake* Yoga, is it true or just an insane trend?

Nude Yoga - a practice that has its roots in antiquity, embraced Western society and moves to the east.

Nude in front of a lot of people for someone can be a real nightmare.

However, some people pay a lot of money for it. This is a new flow in yoga - "Naked Yoga".

Although «Nagna» Yoga refers to the ancient practice, it is still practiced by religious leaders in India. In 1960, it became popular among practitioners of people in India. Now mixed male-female classes are becoming popular in cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Appeared similar class in London. In the UK - it is the only one. According to Annette, instructor "bare" yoga, this type of yoga extends the basic principles of yoga promotes deeper perception or "Aparigraha" (exemption from savings without affection - auth.) Themselves and others.

21-year-old Grace Lenhart, naked yoga practitioner says she does this in order to "more to love yourself." "I feel a stronger person when I practice naked yoga. This practice makes me vulnerable, but once I overcome their prejudices, then getting stronger, "- she says.

"Many yoga exercises are performed with greater efficiency when clothing does not restrict movement, "- says Grace.

Adult men and women, naked as the day they were born, lie curled up on sheltered towels yoga mats in the pose of an infant or "Balsan" pose.

As for emotional distress, the instructor say the following: "Often people gather his courage in a fist and come to class. Already at the threshold of seeing naked yogis, turns and walks away from fright. And all this because presets people in the head. That is why naked yoga can safely be called therapy. "

After practice «nagna» Yoga many students aggravated tactile desire. "This in itself is a very curious phenomenon. Many appear thirst touches. Why this is so is unclear. Maybe because of the lack of these experiences in childhood, felts just because these people are alone in life, "says Grace Lenhart.

In Ukraine, only now being created for such practices. No doubt yoga nude begins its movement in Kiev , the capital.

Other judges such Yogis say that there is no better relaxation. It's hard to explain, but it seems like the feeling in the womb. Soft red lighting and candles emit heat, sounds comfortable meditative music and flowing haze fret.
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Ponytail hair Style

I call it a ponytail, Although not similar at all, haha. Okay, check this out.

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Unusual hair style.

I usually let my hair loose, almost every day the same hair style. Then through the internet I found a variety of hair styles that I think is very simple but it makes a different appearance. One is an elegant style that I like is the hair style as below.

I am sure you will also love it. try it.

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Open Toes = Sexy

Relevance tights with open toes

Tights with open toe appeared relatively recently, but now they are in pretty high demand among the fair sex. What are the tights with open-toed?

Tights - is not only a mandatory element of the wardrobe of every woman. We can say that tights and stockings serve the required rim that allows diamond shine all its facets. Not by chance the world famous Coco Chanel said: "Better to wrinkle on the face than a wrinkle on her stocking." Properly arranging tights, you can emphasize harmony and sexy female legs, as well as a refined, sophisticated feminine image, which will cause the admiration of others.

To date range of these products is very wide and varied. Modern manufacturers offer their products to clients of varying density and texture, patterned, mesh, with various options correction, etc. Together with well-known and popular classic models on the market and new items regularly appear, one of which are tights with open toes .

Production tights with open-toed widespread recently. The reason for creating such products is clear to all lovers of shoes without socks. Now you can successfully demonstrate trendy pedicure and still be confident that, thanks to a thin invisible pantyhose legs look best. In addition, these products are indispensable in the event that wearing open shoes on bare feet uncomfortable. More recently to wear tights with sandals or slippers was a sign of lack of taste, and this combination was absolutely unacceptable. Model with open fingers successfully solve the problem of choosing between open footwear and elegance. European ladies have already taken advantage of the new trend and demand for these products is very high.

These products can be divided into two types depending on, whereby they are held on the foot. It may be tights with a thin strip of silicone that securely keeps them from slipping or products with the presence of invisible webbed fingers. These products are designed for the warmer months, they can be worn with light clothing, summer dresses and open shoes of different models. Tights with open toe can be both classic transparent in natural tones and color, bright and saturated colors, delicate, decorated with embroidery and patterns, they can decorate a variety of designs and drawings. With unusual bright tights can create a unique and stylish look and see all the popular models are here .

As for the color selection of these products, the relevant question in this same recommendations as for ordinary models. Their color should ideally be in harmony with the tone of clothing, but it is desirable that the tights were lighter in tone than the shoes.

Undoubtedly, tights are one of the best-selling women's accessories worldwide. They are present in the wardrobe of any lady, regardless of her age and social status.
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Brave! Women hairstyle

Whatever happens expressed through your new look. Do not be afraid you are considered redundant, or become giddy with your appearance. All that you can feel confident channeled beam. Be sure all eyes will be on you.

Life is not as grey as ash, many things that might be missed if you are only focused on a closed door. Open your eyes, open your heart, use to see other opportunities. Life is never flat. Racoon!

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Separation - Broken Heart

Separation from a loved one - one of the most difficult trials in a woman's life. Probably, there is not the lucky one that does not at least once heard the phrase: "Let's be friends ..."

According to information taken here , psychologists stress levels equate divorce from her husband in the loss of a parent. It seems only yesterday that everything was fine, and now the whole world is destroyed and sounded bitter farewell.

In the first moments, separation from a loved one is shocking. Woman feels nothing - no pain, no offense, mind refuses to believe it. Everything seems unreal, a bad dream ...

Later comes the realization that the nearest person is no longer there for you, and then the bitterness of separation covers you with his head. Do not want to see anyone, talk. No weak that even to wash and go to work. You spend days lying in bed and remember the happy moments of your love, and this is only getting sicker. This state may last from weeks to months.

But sooner or later the human body finds the resources to slowly start to get out of a long depression. Gradually, step by step, you start to learn to live again, apart from the now former favorite. Yes, it will be hard, there will be moments of weakness, for example, when you walk past the cafe, which often sat together ...

And then it becomes easier. You're not going to remember the bad things about the offense that caused you your beloved. In memory will have only good memories, but you'll think of them detached, as ancient history. This means that you have recovered from the pain and ready for a new relationship.

Parting with a loved one, no matter how hard to believe, is often the impetus for the beginning of another, happier life in which there shall be no tears and frustration.
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Your Hair style with or without tail

Which style do you prefer to make your hair attract and make your friend say "wow,, you look incredible with your hair". Its simple as my last post here.

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Try to style your hair by yourself

Hair is one of your body part you can pimp to get new look and trendy. Style your hair you may boost your look and increase your confidence.

You may see almost artist pimp their body part include hair to attract audiences and fans. The problem is when hairstyle make you broke just because you wanna change your hair style in every event you have. Then we should learn to style our hair by our self.

Check this out, you gonna like this.


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