What to consider when choosing sunglasses aka koco tingal cemeng.

Sunglasses can accentuate your beauty like no other accessory. Aside from their obvious utility - protection against cruel UV rays, they can give style and elegance to any image. But, of course, all this is assuming that your glasses are suitable for you. In the modern variety of sunglasses is easy to get lost, so we suggest you when choosing a new pair of glasses, use our tips - they will help to orient and make the right choice.

The size of the face

Choosing a new pair of glasses, you first need to pay attention to their size. It employs a simple rule: the less you face, the more must be miniature sunglasses, and vice versa. Of course, fashion is not always straightforward and sometimes its tendency to advise us to get a couple of really big points. Yes, you can follow this trend, but everything should be in moderation - points you should look at organic and do not close the whole face.

Face shape

Shape of your face is also an important criterion when choosing sunglasses. You need to pick up such glasses that accentuate your good features and shortcomings sroyut. So, on an oval face will look good frame of almost any shape - these people can experiment with any fashion trend. People with a round face fit rims with angulated, including rectangular - they visually lengthen the face. Classical oval frame suitable for a square face shape, and round sunglasses will look good on his thin and long face.

Skin color

Skin color also plays an important role when choosing sunglasses. Pale-skinned people should choose glasses with a thin (not bulky rim) light shades. People more swarthy ideal metal frame (silver or gold), as well as other more saturated shades it. Black frame will fit almost everyone, but choosing the black glasses, make sure they do not look awkward on your face.

Hair Type

Yes, this nuance, we usually do not think, but hairstyle also affects how you will look in your new glasses. So, soft curly hair very well with rimless glasses. If you like the shortened and short haircuts, they are ideal for bright-rimmed glasses in geometric shapes. Completely smooth hair perfectly complement the round glasses. And under carefully collected hair in the style business is better to choose rectangular

Consider that, oin other hand, do you want to be like this?

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