Separation - Broken Heart

Separation from a loved one - one of the most difficult trials in a woman's life. Probably, there is not the lucky one that does not at least once heard the phrase: "Let's be friends ..."

According to information taken here , psychologists stress levels equate divorce from her husband in the loss of a parent. It seems only yesterday that everything was fine, and now the whole world is destroyed and sounded bitter farewell.

In the first moments, separation from a loved one is shocking. Woman feels nothing - no pain, no offense, mind refuses to believe it. Everything seems unreal, a bad dream ...

Later comes the realization that the nearest person is no longer there for you, and then the bitterness of separation covers you with his head. Do not want to see anyone, talk. No weak that even to wash and go to work. You spend days lying in bed and remember the happy moments of your love, and this is only getting sicker. This state may last from weeks to months.

But sooner or later the human body finds the resources to slowly start to get out of a long depression. Gradually, step by step, you start to learn to live again, apart from the now former favorite. Yes, it will be hard, there will be moments of weakness, for example, when you walk past the cafe, which often sat together ...

And then it becomes easier. You're not going to remember the bad things about the offense that caused you your beloved. In memory will have only good memories, but you'll think of them detached, as ancient history. This means that you have recovered from the pain and ready for a new relationship.

Parting with a loved one, no matter how hard to believe, is often the impetus for the beginning of another, happier life in which there shall be no tears and frustration.

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