Open Toes = Sexy

Relevance tights with open toes

Tights with open toe appeared relatively recently, but now they are in pretty high demand among the fair sex. What are the tights with open-toed?

Tights - is not only a mandatory element of the wardrobe of every woman. We can say that tights and stockings serve the required rim that allows diamond shine all its facets. Not by chance the world famous Coco Chanel said: "Better to wrinkle on the face than a wrinkle on her stocking." Properly arranging tights, you can emphasize harmony and sexy female legs, as well as a refined, sophisticated feminine image, which will cause the admiration of others.

To date range of these products is very wide and varied. Modern manufacturers offer their products to clients of varying density and texture, patterned, mesh, with various options correction, etc. Together with well-known and popular classic models on the market and new items regularly appear, one of which are tights with open toes .

Production tights with open-toed widespread recently. The reason for creating such products is clear to all lovers of shoes without socks. Now you can successfully demonstrate trendy pedicure and still be confident that, thanks to a thin invisible pantyhose legs look best. In addition, these products are indispensable in the event that wearing open shoes on bare feet uncomfortable. More recently to wear tights with sandals or slippers was a sign of lack of taste, and this combination was absolutely unacceptable. Model with open fingers successfully solve the problem of choosing between open footwear and elegance. European ladies have already taken advantage of the new trend and demand for these products is very high.

These products can be divided into two types depending on, whereby they are held on the foot. It may be tights with a thin strip of silicone that securely keeps them from slipping or products with the presence of invisible webbed fingers. These products are designed for the warmer months, they can be worn with light clothing, summer dresses and open shoes of different models. Tights with open toe can be both classic transparent in natural tones and color, bright and saturated colors, delicate, decorated with embroidery and patterns, they can decorate a variety of designs and drawings. With unusual bright tights can create a unique and stylish look and see all the popular models are here .

As for the color selection of these products, the relevant question in this same recommendations as for ordinary models. Their color should ideally be in harmony with the tone of clothing, but it is desirable that the tights were lighter in tone than the shoes.

Undoubtedly, tights are one of the best-selling women's accessories worldwide. They are present in the wardrobe of any lady, regardless of her age and social status.

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