Caring for the nails properly :Summer tips

Most of us do not want to spend lots of money on trips to salons, so home manicure becomes the choice of many modern women. But if to file and make up nail varnish can each, then to properly care for your nails should learn. Summer nail care rules change slightly, and we will tell you how to care for your nails in the heat, so they always look great.
Terms of nail care in summer

Rule 1: Give up funds to strengthen nails

Or use them cautiously, gradually. Means to strengthen nails can actually do more harm than good. Healthy nails - nails flexible. Therefore, to protect your nails from breakage, instead of reinforcing means they do regular massage with a nourishing moisturizer oil and vitamin E. This is especially true of the summer, when the nails do not have enough moisture.

Rule 2: Avoid nail polish remover containing acetone

This is all the experts recommend - if you have brittle nails, refuse containing acetone nail polish remover. Has repeatedly been proven that these funds make nails more brittle. In addition, studies have shown that women who regularly make manicure salons, much more likely to suffer from brittle nails than those manicured home - this is due to the fact that much more salons use aggressive means.

Rule 3: Avoid orange nail files

When processing a nail file nail them microcracks appear, which make them brittle. Instead, choose a soft nail file, diamond-coated, and never file nails in two directions (back and forth). Work nail file in one direction only, slowly and carefully, then you will be able to minimize the risk that the nails will start to crumble.

Rule 4: Change your shampoo that you use

There is no mistake, it comes just a shampoo that you wash your hair. Many women do not even think that shampoo can make your nails dry and brittle (even if your hair looks great). Many shampoos contain detergent builders (especially shampoos for oily hair or to give hair volume), which was purified from natural hair sebum, so they look more dry and bulky. However, data shampoos dried and nails, depriving them of vital fats that make them strong and flexible. What is the way out of this situation? If you love your shampoo after every hair wash moisturize nails and cuticles to restore their strength and elasticity.

Rule 5: Take biotin

Studies have shown that vitamins and supplements containing biotin, effectively help strengthen your nails, making them thicker, preventing delamination and brittle. And the results from taking biotin visible already after 2-3 weeks!

Rule 6: To keep longer nail, paint your nails properly

Putting on nail polish, brush swipe not only to their ends, but a bit and slide under it. So you like "wrap the" tip of the nail varnish, slightly reduce the risk of breakage and allow yourself to last longer than varnish.

Rule 7: Do not paint your nails before bedtime

To your manicure look good, do not paint your nails before going to bed, as blankets or sheets texture can be imprinted on the surface of the varnish. And we all know how awful it looks. In fact, you need to wait at least a couple of hours after you nakrasili nails, and you wonder how much longer will keep your manicure!

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