How to avoid the appearance of white spots on the nails when removing gel nail?

Gel manicure gained immense popularity among fashionistas. Gel coating varnish lasts a long time, looks better and is stable to almost any substance with which we interact in everyday life. That's why many girls and women have made their choice in favor of a gel manicure.

Yes, the cover gel nail salons worth more than regular nail polish, but you can do it yourself, as gel nail polish buy , apply and dry with a UV lamp is a snap. Removing gel lacquer takes a little longer (than usual), but in this there is no magic. The only thing that when removing part of the coating in the home often appear on the nails white dots that slightly spoils their appearance.
How to avoid the appearance of white spots on the nails when removing gel nail

•White spots may appear on the nails from lack of moisture. Nails should be thoroughly moisturize, make them look good and remain flexible under the applied gel varnish. Then they will be less likely to break and exfoliate, and gel nail polish will keep longer.

•Do not overdo it with acetone when removing gel lacquer. No need to wash them all the finger and nail soak - just slice them thoroughly wet cotton fleece or a ring that you will be putting on the nail. Also, do not be greedy and spend on professional liquid remover gel nail and not do it the usual acetone.

•Do not apply too much basecoat. As the varnish, it is necessary to apply a thin layer and gently to cover only a nail and not even adjacent pin code. If the foundations under the lacquer will be too much longer you have to keep it under a cotton swab with nail gel lacquer, which further dehydrating the nail.

•Moisten the nails with oil, heat it slightly before using - so it is better absorbed and will moisturize your nails much more efficient.

•Polishing of a surface of the nail will also help, but it must be done very carefully so as not to damage its structure. For this fit the softest polishing nail file (or better is very old and worn).

If after removing all remnants of gel varnish your nails are too dry, give them a little break somewhere for a week, so they have recovered. At this time, do not use harsh detergents and other chemistry, at least, wear gloves, since over-dried nails are very fragile.

And do not forget, causing gel polish nails, moisturize them even through the coating. Like conventional varnishes, gel nail polish has a porous structure through which to penetrate the nail all the necessary nutrients and moisture. So your nails will always be strong, healthy and beautiful!

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