Nake* Yoga, is it true or just an insane trend?

Nude Yoga - a practice that has its roots in antiquity, embraced Western society and moves to the east.

Nude in front of a lot of people for someone can be a real nightmare.

However, some people pay a lot of money for it. This is a new flow in yoga - "Naked Yoga".

Although «Nagna» Yoga refers to the ancient practice, it is still practiced by religious leaders in India. In 1960, it became popular among practitioners of people in India. Now mixed male-female classes are becoming popular in cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Appeared similar class in London. In the UK - it is the only one. According to Annette, instructor "bare" yoga, this type of yoga extends the basic principles of yoga promotes deeper perception or "Aparigraha" (exemption from savings without affection - auth.) Themselves and others.

21-year-old Grace Lenhart, naked yoga practitioner says she does this in order to "more to love yourself." "I feel a stronger person when I practice naked yoga. This practice makes me vulnerable, but once I overcome their prejudices, then getting stronger, "- she says.

"Many yoga exercises are performed with greater efficiency when clothing does not restrict movement, "- says Grace.

Adult men and women, naked as the day they were born, lie curled up on sheltered towels yoga mats in the pose of an infant or "Balsan" pose.

As for emotional distress, the instructor say the following: "Often people gather his courage in a fist and come to class. Already at the threshold of seeing naked yogis, turns and walks away from fright. And all this because presets people in the head. That is why naked yoga can safely be called therapy. "

After practice «nagna» Yoga many students aggravated tactile desire. "This in itself is a very curious phenomenon. Many appear thirst touches. Why this is so is unclear. Maybe because of the lack of these experiences in childhood, felts just because these people are alone in life, "says Grace Lenhart.

In Ukraine, only now being created for such practices. No doubt yoga nude begins its movement in Kiev , the capital.

Other judges such Yogis say that there is no better relaxation. It's hard to explain, but it seems like the feeling in the womb. Soft red lighting and candles emit heat, sounds comfortable meditative music and flowing haze fret.

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